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Job Description

Provo Canyon School is a 24/7 secure residential treatment center (behavioral health) for male and female adolescents aged 12 through 17. We counsel, teach and mentor students who have psychiatric disorders. Our goal is to provide treatment that results in positive changes, allowing these youth to return to their families and communities.




Manages SHIFTHOUND software to ensure appropriate staffing, audits system for shift compliance. Manages call-offs and is the point of contact for calling in additional staff. 



  1. Monitors staffing levels based on patient census and acuity through SHIFTHOUND. Ensures adequate ratios are met in accordance with Utah State Licensing requirements.
  2. Ensures efficiency in staffing by reviewing staffing requirments and comparing them against actual staffing levels.
  3. Develops and trains staff on protocols for attendance and punctuality.
  4. Identifies areas for further training and ensures that training is received.
  5. Is responsible to staff requests for guidance and assistance.
  6. Documents some staff training on personal training form.
  7. Assists with onboarding of new hires as well as New Hire Orientation as needed.


Bachelor's degree preferred. High School diploma required. Educational background or experience in social work, psychology, or related fields helpful; acceptable oral and written communication skills; legible handwriting; ability to maintain information as highly confidential; telephone etiquette and customer service skills by phone and face-to-face; familiarity with medical and psychological terminology preferred; skills in dealing courteously with the public and other staff within the school; basic knowledge of human behavior or principles of psychology useful; skills in prioritizing and in managing time; problem-solving skills; use of appropriate social skills, including demonstration and respect for staff and patients; empathy toward patients, skills in clinical evaluation and decision-making, must be able to concentrate on work amidst distractions such as noise, conversations and foot traffic; be able to consistently meet deadlines regardless of case load; be flexible in work hours in order to meet patient and school operating needs, must maintain self-control in volatile or hostile situations, such as when verbally or physically confronted in an aggressive manner, must be able to work independently, with little supervision in an unstructured environment with multiple demands, reading and writing level that can clearly express or understand complex concepts, assessments, directions and processes or sequences of events.

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