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To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values - integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Performs a variety of routine tasks associated with the timely and accurate assembly of patient trays; the delivery and pickup of patient food trays to patient rooms and/or cafeteria style food service for patients. Prepares and delivers nourishments with accuracy and at prearranged times. Actual station or zone assignment may vary depending upon the schedule, time of day and/or volume of meal tickets processed through the At Your Request (AYR) patient meal service program; may be required to float between stations or zones within the same work shift. All tasks are performed according to departmental procedures and specific task assignments. (Up to 20 points within the Responsibilities Section may be reallocated based upon the actual task assignments performed by an employee during the review period.) Demonstrates outstanding customer service and the Key Behaviors outlined in the Hospital's Core Success Factors in all interactions. Single competency will work as either a Tray Passer or a Tray Line associate, As an Ambassador 1 you will not be required to work out of your designated assigned area, but you will be required to do any position in your assigned area according to the task assignments within your budgeted hours. In a designated Tray Line area, you may be assigned to do Starter, Middle, Finisher or Float, on any tray line, 1, 2 or 3 In a designated Ambassador 1 Tray Passer area you will be required to tray pass to any zone as assigned according to the task assignments within your budgeted hours.


  • 1. FOOD PREPARATION - Completes assigned food preparation duties utilizing basic kitchen utensils to cut, mix, assemble, plate, or otherwise prepare sandwiches, salads, fruits and desserts or other cold food items for patients, maintaining food safety standards.
  • 2. PATIENT TRAY ASSEMBLY - Sets-up assigned station of patient tray line by assembling hot and cold beverages, and cold food items. Participates in the assembly of patient trays by reading meal ticket and placing appropriate item(s) on tray. Ensures appropriate food temperatures are maintained, adheres to portion control guidelines and ensures foods are presented in an attractive manner. Examines tray for completeness, scans filled tray for tracking records and places on delivery truck. Maintains service time-lines, to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of meals to patients. Breaks down station at end of assembly period and replenishes food supplies.
  • 3. PATIENT FOOD TRUCK DELIVERY - During peak hours, may be required to transport and retrieve patient tray trucks and food supplies to and from patient care divisions following established procedures to scan, track and ensure the accurate and timely delivery of items. Effectively communicates with Food Service Ambassadors utilizing two-way radios.
  • 4. PATIENT FOOD SERVICE - Delivers and serves food trays to patients or provides cafeteria food service for patients. Maintains service time-lines to ensure timely delivery of meals to patients. Upon arrival at the patient-s room scans tray ticket and checks tray for accuracy. Greets patients and introduces themselves and states where they are from and why they are there. Verifies patient name by asking the patient-s name and checking name band on arm. Acts as a patient advocate by answering any questions regarding food service, and other routine questions. Provides basic assistance in opening containers, etc., and notifies the nursing staff if the patient needs further assistance. Takes appropriate action according to established procedures when following up on missing or wrong food items. Treats all patients with respect while being professional and courteous at all times. Informs supervisor of patient issues, errors or operational issues that effect overall patient care or satisfaction.
  • 5. TRAY PICK UP - Picks up dirty trays from patient rooms and units. Performs tray sweeps as required to ensure that all outstanding trays are collected and returned to the dish room for processing. Makes sure that no trays are left behind.
  • 6. NOURISHMENTS - Assembles and delivers in between meal feedings, snacks and box lunches to patients and patient care units, ensuring that all orders are accurate, maintaining food safety standards. Fills out and completes the Nourishment Delivery Sheet and has floor staff sign-off on items for isolation patients.
  • 7. SANITATION AND PERSONAL HYGIENE - Consistently follows established sanitation and personal hygiene guidelines to help prevent the spread of food borne illness. Maintains a clean and neat work area by adhering to the -clean as you go- policy. Proper hand washing techniques are followed at all times. Cleans and sanitizes all food handling equipment prior to use according to standard procedures. Uses and stores cleaning agents properly



High School Diploma or GED preferred. Understanding of basic dietary principles is preferred.


Hospital Food Service and customer service experience is preferred.


Must have a demonstrated ability to read, write and understand English; legible handwriting. Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions in order to accomplish all items on Task Assignment list during assigned shift, and to meet needs of customers. Must have outstanding interpersonal/customer relations skills. Must be able to work with minimal direct supervision.


Moderate physical activity, requires ability to stand and walk more than 4 hours per day, with ability to lift, push and pull carts, pallets and food supplies (occasionally up to 50 pounds, frequently up to 30 pounds and/or continuously up to 10 pounds). Work environment involves moderate exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises which require following basic safety precautions; and, working with cleaning chemicals requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE's) provided.

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