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Job Description

Under general supervision of licensed physicians and radiology technical manager performs all routine and advanced (E.G., computerized tomography/special procedures) radiologic and fluoroscopic examinations in accordance with established departmental policies and procedures. Sets up, adjusts, and operates x-ray equipment, selecting proper technical factors to obtain accurate diagnostic radiographs; properly positions and immobilizes patients. Responds to patients' needs as required. Maintains equipment and general working area, stocking clinical supplies. Ensures proper operation of x-ray equipment; works closely with external technicians performing equipment maintenance. Performs quality assurance/CQI functions. Provides instructions to medical students and residents. Manages provision of care to patients of all age groups in the form of diagnostic testing.

1. Under supervision of physicians and radiology supervisor, prepares patients and examination areas in accordance with departmental policies and procedures for administration, as appropriate, of all routine and advanced skeletal, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and chest radiological and fluoroscopic diagnostic examinations. Prepares advanced examinations, such as computerized tomography and special procedures, in accordance with training and certification. Sets up, cleans and adjusts equipment. Takes x-rays. Observes radiation and equipment safety precaution for equipment maintenance and patient/employee wellbeing. Provides patient orientation prior to examination session.
2. Under supervision, performs all routine and advanced (e.g., CT/special procedures/MRI) radiological and fluoroscopic diagnostic evaluations in accordance with established clinical protocols. Provides guidance to staff x-ray technicians. Positions patients in accordance with established procedures. Operates and adjusts equipment, determining current settings and monitoring patient and employee radiation exposure and potential for electric shock; observes safety guidelines. Responds to patients' needs during testing. Records and codes all applicable examination results and completes all relevant medical documentation; properly labels films in accordance with defined procedures. Performs specialized examinations as permitted by experience/registry, such as special procedures/CT scans.
3. Provides related support functions as required. Assists in scheduling examinations; initiates transportation; maintains examination files and statistics. May answer telephones for area and record messages. Maintains clean work area and equipment and maintains full stock of applicable clinical supplies.
4. Ensures good working order of equipment. Troubleshoots routine equipment problems or seeks technical assistance for equipment malfunctions, keeping supervisor(s) appropriately informed. Works closely with external technical support personnel as technical supervisor.
5. Performs other related duties as assigned or required as professional technologist. Trains and orients residents and clinical students from various departments and external institutions. Performs assigned quality assurance/CQI tasks.
6. Participates in employee hiring, training, evaluations, promotions, and terminations by recommendation & documentation.
7. Completes all medical documentation.
8. Archive all procedures into PACS insuring completeness and accuracy of all information.
9. Forward exams and requisitions to VRC when necessary.

-Associate Degree or equivalent NYS-accredited training program in Radiologic Technology. Special training required to conduct examinations for certain areas such as Mammography, Special Procedures, and CT and MRI. This position requires competence in X-Ray and CT Scan. Competence in MRI a plus.
-Prior Radiology work experience of at least five years is desired in order to gain seasoned familiarity with administration of radiological testing. Should be knowledgeable about most major models of radiologic equipment.
-Licensure by New York State Department of Health as Radiologic Technologist is mandatory. Certification required with ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technology) for certain specialty examination (e.g., mammography). Certification is preferred credential for this title. Effective 2013, once certified, maintenance of the certification is required.
-Basic Microsoft Office Suite required.
-Good analytic skills necessary for handling of radiology patients during administration of advanced and routine diagnostic testing. Must be able to appropriately assess the correct action to take during testing, while being cognizant of patient wellbeing. Must accurately monitor radiation exposure and potential for electronic shock, etc.
-Good interpersonal manner important during delivery of patient care in order to ensure harmonious provision of Radiologic examinations.
-Work requires manual dexterity for use of x-ray and other equipment and instruments. Light lifting of clinical supplies may be required. Adequate physical strength required for positioning of patients and equipment during examinations. Accurate positioning of patients in critical in order to ensure proper quality of radiological examination results and patient safety.

Shift: One evening shift with every other weekend (4pm to 12am)

The Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) provides equal employment opportunity to all its employees and applicants for employment without unlawful discrimination on the basis of their actual or perceived race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender, gender expression, gender identity, age, disability, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, veteran, immigration, citizenship, or other protected status.
EOE including Veterans and Disabled


The Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) provides a salary range to comply with the New York City Law on Salary Transparency in Job Advertisements. The salary range for the role is $40.57 - $48.21 Hourly. Actual salaries depend on a variety of factors, including experience, education, and hospital need. The salary range or contractual rate listed does not include bonuses/incentive, differential pay or other forms of compensation or benefits.

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