Med Tech/QMAP for Memory Care (Evening Shift)

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Fort Collins , CO
Job Description

Make a difference by overseeing and administering medication that helps our treasured residents thrive 

At MorningStar Senior Living, we talk a lot about culture. In fact, we rather obsess about it. For without a transformative culture, we cannot begin to elevate and celebrate the lives of our resident-heroes, and be ourselves changed for the good in the process. So, we seek great hearts, other people like us, who care and want to do work that matters. We select people like us who believe that the most satisfying life is one that is outward-bound and rooted in servant-leadership.  



Medication Care Managers / QMAP are responsible for dispensing medications to our residents and are meticulous when it comes to documentation. You will quickly learn how each resident prefers to take their medication. Some may even play a game of hide and seek, pressing you to find where they may be in the community when it’s time for their medication. 



§ Administer and document regularly prescribed medications per the Medication Administration Record, observing the five rights for safe administering of medications and per physician orders 

§ Order meds from the pharmacy when and as prescribed 7 days prior to running out of meds, and as requested by the Wellness Director, to ensure that residents always have medications available. Ensure these medication arrive; if not notify the Wellness Director within 24 hrs 

§ Observe and report to the licensed nurse any reactions and side effects of medication administered to the residents 

§ Ensures medication cart is kept clean, stocked, locked with medication administration book inside. Key the medication cart key on with you at all times not allowing another person to use during your shift 



· Demonstration of our Core Values: Love, Kindness, Honesty, Goodness, Fairness, Respect. 

· Successful completion of state approved Medication Administration training, and other certifications and requirements as applicable by state.  

· Passion and ability to interact and provide great care for our residents. 



Schedules Available:
FT Eve Shift 2:00pm to 10:30pm
PT NOC Shift 10:00pm to 6:00am (Fri & Sat)
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