Maintenance Technician


Shorewood, Wisconsin
Job Description

Date Prepared: 1/15
Position Summary:
Receives and follows maintenance schedule and direction from the Director of
Maintenance with the focus on providing a safe and clean environment for residents,
associates and visitors. Performs routine maintenance on community grounds and parking
areas by policing, sweeping, blowing, etc. as necessary
Essential Functions:
 Performs upkeep of floors including carpet cleaning, deodorizing
and sanitizing in a timely manner as to allow time for other duties
 Strips, seals and waxes tile floors as necessary
 Inspects hallways daily for needed carpet cleaning
 Performs community trash removal at start of each work day
 Performs all duties at a reasonable pace allowing for safety and
attention to detail
 Performs routine maintenance and repair throughout the
community as directed to include: plumbing, replacing bulbs,
check and replaces A/C filters and fuses, electrical, carpentry,
mechanical, etc.
 Reports equipment malfunctions or breakdowns to supervisor
 Report all hazardous conditions to supervisor or appropriate
manager immediately
 Notifies supervisor of shortage or supplies
 Ensure that all maintenance items are kept in safe area to prevent
injuries to residents, associates, and visitors
 Subject to recall after hours and to be on-call for weekends and
holidays in the event that a maintenance emergency arises
 Obtains proper authorization prior to the entry of any apartment
 Reports all on-the-job injuries according to company procedure
 When interacting with residents and/or family members, is mindful
of the Resident’s Rights to Privacy and resident confidentiality
 The ability to work in a safe and alert manner
 The ability to take ownership for associate’s safety and the safety of
the residents
 Must disclose any medication that might impair associate’s ability
to perform the job safely or competently.
Non-Essential Functions:
 Leads by example exhibiting the CORE Values through servant
 Must possess a passion to work with and around senior citizens
 Encourages teamwork and promotes company philosophy
 Attends required community meetings as required
 Completes all required courses in adherence with HRA University
 Is prompt and able to perform the required duties of the position on
a regular, predictable basis
 Becomes familiar and understands how to report a missing person
using the Safe Return program or equivalent, if applicable
 All associates are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure
environment for all community residents
Qualifications/Skills/Educational Requirements:
 High school diploma
 One-year experience in a related field
 Able to communicate effectively with all levels of management,
associates, residents, family members, and outside contacts
 Must know how to use a wide variety of maintenance equipment
that are necessary tools of performing the job at hand
 Must be patient and able to work with ill, disabled, or emotionally
upset senior residents within the community
 Willing to work beyond normal working hours to get a problem
solved or job completed

Driving residents to appointment 

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