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MedhaHR lets you hire in record time with our fully automated AI driven hiring pipelines.

Instantly reach over 10M+ unified healthcare professionals.

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MedhaHR AI Recruiter Automation

AI driven recruitment automation

MedhaHR is a hiring platform built to provide intelligent hiring solutions for healthcare staffing. Our features like Intelligent Candidate Matching, Automated Smart Campaigns and Applicant Tracking Systems make hiring the right candidate effortless and by seamlessly distributing to various job boards and social platforms, our integrated solution gets you better hires faster.

MedhaHR Intelligent Candidate Matching

Candidate Search

Intelligent Candidate Matching

AI driven instant candidate matching for your job posts. Smart LookAlike enables finding similar candidates intelligently. MedhaHR's advanced candidate search enables finding by title, level, expertise or specialties among many other factors.

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MedhaHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Effortless End-to-end Hiring

Organize, search, and communicate with applicants, save time by automating manual tasks of sending interview reminder emails to candidates, hiring managers and your entire recruitment team.

MedhaHR Candidate Nurturing System

Candidate Nurturing

Automated Smart Campaigns

Automate drip campaigns to passive candidates using pre-defined personalized templates for follow-ups, reminders and todos, fully integrated with top email and social media platforms.

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